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  • General Information
  • Categories & Schools of Poetry
  • Akhmatova through Komunyaka
  • Levertov through Zukofsky

  • General Information

    What's Poetry?
    OK Then, Why Poetry?
    Types of Poetry *
    Rhyme & Reason *
    Free Verse *
    Sonnet *
    What's a Prose Poem? *
    Haiku *

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    Categories & Schools of Poetry

    Anthologies *
    Beats *
    Eastern European
    Poets in Translation
    Confessional Poetry
    New Formalism
    Experimental & Post-Modern
    Dada *
    Nature Poetry
    Children's Poetry
    Religious Poetry
    Feminist Poetry
    African-American Poetry
    Native American Poetry
    Gay & Lesbian Poetry
    Latin American Poetry
    Other Minorities

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    Akhmatova through Komunyaka

    Akhmatova, Anna *
    Alighieri, Dante *
    Amichai, Yehuda *
    Ammons, A.R. *
    Angelou, Maya
    Apollinaire, Guillaume *
    Ashbery, John *
    Atwood, Margaret
    Auden, W.H.
    Baraka, Amiri (LeRoi Jones) *
    Barnes, Djuna (Prose) *
    Basho (Matsuo Basho)
    Baudelaire, Charles
    Becker, Robin *
    Bernstein, Charles
    Berry, Wendell
    Berryman, John
    Bishop, Elizabeth
    Blake, William
    Bly, Robert
    Bogan, Louise
    Brecht, Bertolt
    Breton, Andre
    Brooks, Gwendolyn
    Broumas, Olga
    Bukowski, Charles *
    Cage, John
    Cassells, Cyrus
    Celan, Paul
    Cesaire, Aime
    Chappell, Fred
    Coolidge, Clark *
    Corso, Gregory
    Coultas, Brenda *
    Crane, Hart *
    Craver, Mark *
    Creeley, Robert *
    Cummings, E.E. *
    Daniels, Jim *
    Deanovich, Connie *
    Dickey, James
    Dickinson, Emily *
    DiPrima, Diane *
    Doolittle, Hilda (H.D.)
    Dragomoschenko, Arkadii
    Edson, Russell
    Eliot, T.S. *
    Eluard, Paul
    Elytis, Odysseas
    Ferlinghetti, Lawrence *
    Forche, Carolyn
    Frost, Robert
    Gerstler, Amy *
    Ginsberg, Allen
    Gioia, Dana
    Graham, Jorie
    Greger, Debora *
    Harjo, Joy
    Hass, Robert
    Hejinian, Lyn
    Herbert, Zbigniew
    Hughes, Langston
    Hughes, Ted
    Jarrell, Randall
    Justice, Donald
    Komunyakaa, Yusef

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    Levertov through Zukofsky

    Levertov, Denise
    Levine, Philip
    Lorca, Federico Garcia
    Lorde, Audre *
    Lowell, Robert
    Loy, Mina *
    Mayer, Bernadette
    McCain, Gillian *
    Merrill, James
    Merwin, W.S.
    Millay, Edna St. Vincent
    Miller, Jane
    Milosz, Czeslaw
    Momaday, N. Scott *
    Moore, Marianne
    Nash, Ogden
    Neruda, Pablo
    Niedecker, Lorine
    Nielsen, A.L. *
    O'Hara, Frank
    Olds, Sharon
    Olson, Charles
    Oppen, George
    Ott, Gil *
    Palmer, Michael
    Patchen, Kenneth
    Paz, Octavio
    Pessoa, Fernando
    Phillips, Dennis *
    Pinsky, Robert
    Plath, Sylvia
    Pound, Ezra
    Rich, Adrienne *
    Rimbaud, Arthur
    Roethke, Theodore
    Rukeyser, Muriel
    Sandburg, Carl *
    Scalapino, Leslie
    Schwartz, Leonard *
    Shakespeare, William
    Simic, Charles
    Snyder, Gary
    Spahr, Juliana *
    Stafford, William
    Stein, Gertrude *
    Stevens, Wallace
    Szymborska, Wislawa
    Tate, James
    Thomas, Dylan
    Villon, Francois
    Walcott, Derek
    Waldrop, Rosmarie
    Whitman, Walt *
    Williams, William Carlos
    Wright, Charles
    Wright, C.D. *
    Yau, John
    Yeats, W.B. *
    Zukofsky, Louis

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    An asterisk (*) next to a selection denotes it has been completed.
    Remaining selections are in progress, but books to be reviewed
    can be viewed and ordered.

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