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About Poetry Previews

Communications is a process of creating participation, of making common what had been isolated and singular... Art breaks through barriers that divide human beings, which are impermeable in ordinary association. This force of art, common to all the arts, is most fully manifested in literature. - John Dewey, from Art as Experience

Welcome to Poetry Previews. I created this web site in hopes of reaching those who love poetry, perhaps even those who write it, as well as those who have never picked up a book of poems. While I am uncertain if I will convert anyone to poetry, I would like to create a site that exposes visitors to many outstanding poets who remain (at least at the time of posting) in print. Originally from rural North Carolina, where the poetry selection in a local Waldenbooks was restricted to a few dead, white men, I have selected books to review that are in print and available online through While there are some dead, white men among them, I have strived to include poets of rich and diverse backgrounds, many of whom are still alive and kicking. In addition, I have included experimental and marginalized poets whose works are extremely difficult to find—though some works are available through special order—but are extremely rewarding.

More important than building a list of poets, though, is building a community of readers, where individuals can share their interests and insights. Poetry Previews was created with the goal of fostering just such a community of poetry readers. To this aim, I have added a Chat Room that is always open and will be the meeting place for our monthly book groups, in which we will discuss a particular poet and book. In addition, I have added a MessageBoard where you can post (and read) comments, interests, and whatever is on your mind as it relates to poetry and art. You may notice listings at the bottom of the web page for Poetry Previews' Literary Review, Grants & Awards, and Call for Submissions. Though it isn't a priority in the next few months (writing reviews has assumed that unenviable position) I would like to develop an online review or journal for poets, as well as provide space for notices regarding awards, grants, and journals (whether print or online) seeking poetry submissions.

I apologize that all the pages don't have text on them yet, but the reviews will be added as they are written. Check out reviews that have an asterisk beside them on the pull-down menus (as they have been completed). Be sure to leave some feedback on our the MessageBoard. To receive an e-mail message when new reviews are placed on the web site or to join an interactive e-mail discussion group, send a blank e-mail by Clicking Here. This web site is a public space and I hope you will do your part in ensuring that it becomes a diverse and useful community.

- Mickie Kennedy
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