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To immediately go to Poetry Previews' Chat Room, Click Here!

The Poetry Previews' Chat Room, accessible through the link below, will be the location of our monthly online book group. Although the monthly schedule has been established (click here for details), the chat room will always be open, so feel free to visit this site often in the hopes that others will join you for poetry-related discussions. If you are interested in scheduling a chat on a specific topic, book, or author, please e-mail me, Mickie Kennedy, and I will do my best to accommodate your interests. Also, check out our interactive MessageBoard, where you can post (and read) comments, interests, and whatever is on your mind as it relates to poetry and art.

When you click on the link, you will be asked to enter your handle (nickname) and your password. If you haven't obtained a handle, simply click on "sign up here" and you will go through a short sign up procedure (in which e-mail address is optional); after signing up, you will be taken to Poetry Previews' Chat Room. Remember your handle and password.

All other instructions should be self explanatory once your in the chat room. If you experience any trouble, or need any help, please report it to Poetry Previews

Click Here for Poetry Previews' Chat Room

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