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Poetry Links

Check back as I promise to add more links. Subject-specific or poet-specific links (for example, sites devoted to the haiku or to Allen Ginsberg) would be found on the pages for "Haiku" and "Allen Ginsberg," respectively. If you know of additional links, please e-mail them and details to me, Mickie Kennedy. Also, links change and websites close, so please send e-mail telling me of any dead links you may find on this or any of my pages.

General Sites

The Washington Review - Site being moved, sorry!
The Washington Review of Arts & Letters is a 20-year veteran of the DC innovative arts. Although the journal reviews all art forms except music, it has always placed a special emphasis on avant garde poetry, regional fiction, and reviews of small press publications. Poets from around the world, including Buck Downs, Kristin Prevallet, Rod Smith, and Susan Smith Nash, have been featured in its pages. The web version of the journal serves as an archive of many of the award-winning issues. Look for the sound text by Toni Blackmon and the high-caliber photography that gives the Review its visual edge.

The American Verse Project
Great source for bibliographical information and excellent poetry whose copyright has expired. This project is huge and helps to bring useful information/resources to the masses. The site describes itself as: "... a collaborative project between the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative (HTI) and the University of Michigan Press. The project is assembling an electronic archive of volumes of American poetry prior to 1920. The full text of each volume of poetry is being converted into digital form and coded in Standard Generalized Mark-up Language (SGML) using the TEI Guidelines, with various forms of access provided through the WWW."

Twentieth-Century Poetry in English
Lots of good poets and resources here (links, background, and bibliographical information). An amazing Poet Links page! A useful site - highly recommended.

Poets & Writers
The magazine has come online, with lots of great resources for poets and those interested in poetry. Check out its great Speakeasy messageboard, which includes various topics and threads (free, though you must register first and there may be a learning curve). Also, P&W's Literary Links is a comprehensive springboard to other resources.

Electronic Poetry Center
This site, maintained by the State University of New York at Buffalo is a great place to spend a while: check out poets, collaborate on a poem, and get lost in the links to lots of related sites.

The Transcendental Friend
This poetry zine showcases dynamic poetry (ranging from contemporary to experimental in nature) in a spectacular and artistic layout.

Small Press Collective
Occasional guest reviewer and Poetry Previews' friend Heather Fuller writes: "This is a good one: small press collective's web publications; it's also good in that it links back to the larger electronic poetry center home page, which has even more extensive resources."

The Melic Review
A visually-stunning online journal that publishes stories, poems, and essays.

The Alsop Review
The Alsop Review features Thursday evening chats, online classes (modest fee), an interactive forum (Gazebo), and is home to the Octavo journal. Of particular interest (to me) is the thoughtfully written and instructive Poetry Lesson, which includes sections on line breaks, meter, and rhyme.


Glossary of Poetic Terms
All I have to say is, "Wow!" This is a comprehensive and cross-referenced glossary of poetic terms. Highly recommend!

Pen American Center
Pen serves as a professional organization for writers, editors, and agents, and has established themselves as an advocate in support of persecuted writers worldwide. In additional to various political and social causes, the organization also sponsors a number of literary grants and awards.

The Poetry Kit
This site, edited by Ted Slade, provides a who's who of poets and reviews of selected books (limited in number but growing). Of particular interest to U.K. residents is its "Courses" page, which describes poetry-related courses in the area, and its "Workshops" page, which features live workshops in the area, as well as e-mail discussion groups and bulletin boards of interest to users worldwide.

Additional Links

MiningCo's Poetry Section
A useful site for poetry-related links.

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