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Though I took on the project to develop this site on my own, I have had friends approach me with an interest in writing reviews. I welcome the help. My only criteria is that you let me know before writing a review (unless you have an old paper that can be used with minor changes). The review must be of a book still in print and offered through major bookstores. The reason for this is that the site is meant to turn people on to books they can actually find with minimal effort. I know there are lots of great books out there being published by very small presses that just don't sell through major outlets. However, I do like because it is inclusive and will deal with these small presses through special orders, if the presses simply ask. I know because lists the book (an annual telecommunications report) we produce at my workplace despite the fact we only sell a couple of thousand books a year, perhaps less than 12 being sold through

Lastly, the review needs to be written in an academic manner - not so much in style but in the attention to "showing rather than telling." The real problem within and other booksellers' online customer reviews is you don't know much about a book when it's predominately based on opinion by a person we don't know:

"You must get this book. It's great, especially the part about her troubled childhood and her father's death. I've never been so shocked in my life. It was like a tidal wave of pain crashed down upon me."

The emotion in the example above is there, but the content is lacking. The evidence for her observations are absent. I know reviews are subjective but a good review is as detailed and specific as possible.

If you have questions or want to make a suggestion about doing a review, e-mail me, Mickie Kennedy.

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